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Plain Language Privacy Policy



Here's a quick guide to understand how we handle your information at Cave Integration Ltd. This policy covers all the stuff we do, including our apps, services, and websites. Sometimes we might add new services, and if that changes how we use your info, we'll let you know.

Got questions? Just reach out to us.

What's Inside:

1. The Info We Collect
2. How We Use Your Info
3. Tech Stuff We Use on Our Websites
4. Sharing Your Info
5. Talking to You
6. Looking at Your Info
7. Keeping Your Info Safe
8. Updates to This Policy

1. The Info We Collect

To make our services work for you, we collect a few types of info:

While You Use Our Services: Things you or others do and info from the tech running our services (like session lengths or device types).
Third-Party Info: Sometimes we get info about you from other places to help us update, expand, and analyze our records, find new customers, and offer products and services we think you'll like.
Where You Are: We collect your location to make our service better and keep it safe.
Your Device: We also grab some details about your device, like what type it is and its unique ID.


2. How We Use Your Info

We use your info to:

  • Keep our services running smoothly.

  •  Solve any problems that come up.

  • Protect against fraud and abuse.

  • Follow the law.

  • Improve what we offer.

  • Understand how you use our services to make them better.​

And we'll keep your info as long as we need to for things like legal reasons, resolving disputes, and enforcing our agreements.

3. Tech Stuff on Our Websites

We use tools to figure out how you use our websites and apps, what you like, and where we can make improvements. We don't share these insights about you with outsiders.

4. Sharing Your Info

Your privacy matters to us, so we don't hand your personal info over to third parties unless it's for things like providing services, legal reasons, or with companies that are part of our business group. And we'll only share your info with your consent.

5. Talking to You

We might need to get in touch for things like:

  • Answering your questions.

  • Sending important updates about our services.

  • Letting you know about new stuff we think you'll like.

But you can always tell us if you'd prefer not to get these updates.

6. Looking at Your Info

You can check out and change your personal info anytime. And if you want to know what info we have on you, just ask.


7. Keeping Your Info Safe

We do our best to keep your info safe, but remember, no system is 100% secure. A good tip is to keep your password private to help protect your account.

8. Updates to This Policy

We might update this policy as things change, but we'll let you know beforehand through our website or an email. Keeping up with these updates means you're okay with the changes.

Need more info? Reach out to us.

That's the gist of it! Thanks for taking the time to understand how we handle your information.

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